Mandy May Cheetham is an indie actress born in Toronto, Canada. MUTHA is a passion project she has been working on since 2012. Mandy was inspired to create the show to give her a place to focus all of her skills into one project, and it closely mirrors her own experiences as a Mom, a feminist and a musician.

Mandy waited to begin her career in the arts until after her son, whom she had at a young age, had finished high school. As a single Mom, Mandy spent her 20s making ends meet when other young women were pursuing their careers in the arts. When she did decide to pursue acting in her 30s she was told by potential agents it would be an uphill battle because she’d be competing with women with well-established careers in her age group, and she should be sure to have a backup plan - it took her nearly two years to get an agent to agree to take her on.  After having already created and lost an international cheerleading business (another great story) where she was training National level teams in countries like China, Sweden and Finland she found herself broke after the crash of ‘08 and having taken some big risks manufacturing cheer apparel in China and she was forced to do some real soul searching. It was her mother who reminded her of the words of Janice Joplin; ‘Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,’ and she picked herself up and went full tilt into the pursuit of her dreams of being a performing artist - both as a rapper and an actress.

The thesis of MUTHA - and most of Mandy’s work is inspired by the George Eliot quote ‘It’s Never too Late to be Who you Might Have Been.’  The statement resonates today, now that second and third and seventh and eighth careers are the norm, and is even more relevant to the show in that Eliot was a woman creating art in a man’s world.  Mandy refers to herself as the Hip Hop Suffragette and is determined to help women find their voice - no matter how inappropriate the arena in which they wish to speak may seem.

Mandy’s alter-ego, Mandy Mayhem was born from Mandy’s experiences growing up with Hip Hop in the 80s and 90s. In the late 2000s she began attending a monthly party in Toronto called Hip Hop Karaoke where she finally got the chance to exercise the performance skills she had cultivated through many years as a cheerleader, and several more attending the infamous Melody Bar at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. When the crew at Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto began running competition events in 2010 Mandy stepped up to the challenge - winning her first of three titles back to back.  As the three time hip hop karaoke champion of Toronto she has performed alongside Hip Hop Legends such as DAS EFX, The Pharcyde, Naughty By Nature, Lords of the Underground, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Michie Mee and Saukrates.



Mandy Mayhem has performed in London, New York and Los Angeles at such legendary venues as The Brooklyn Bowl, and B.B. King’s in New York’s Times Square, The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and the Social in London, UK.

Her first music video What’s Up? (Where My Bitches At?)  has garnered over 17000 views on youtube.



This won’t be the last you see of Mandy Mayhem or MUTHA. As she sings in her song Fire in Me: “This dream’s gonna haunt me, but I refuse to die 40 years ‘fore I’m buried. Cause there’s so much more in me.”

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