One-On-One Creator Consultation

One-On-One Creator Consultation

A two hour private skype session with show creator and star (and your new personal cheerleader) Mandy May Cheetham to discuss the best path to achieve your creation goals. 

We will:

  • discuss the best plan of action in consideration of your unique resources, challenges and timeline. 
  • help you develop a realistic picture of how much time, money, talent and creative energy it will take to pull it all off.
  • discuss and practice your pitch.
  • determine where you should pitch and how best to get those meetings.

Mandy has sold two television shows that she's created, written and starred in in the past year: MUTHA, a sketch series on Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack on truTV (a Turner network) in the US and Mandy Mayhem's Rapping with Actors, a comedic talk show on Bell Fibe tv1 in Canada.

She's pitched to and met with major networks, independent producers, agents and production companies all over the US and Canada including HBO, TBS, truTV, Funny or Die, BELL Media, CBS, Warner Bros., Blue Ribbon, Blumhouse, Mosaic, APA, AAA, and NBC.

Mandy will use her tremendous resources, honesty and creativity to help you build a strategy that is realistic and achievable to see your projects through to completion. 

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